Finding Home



Packaged in a keepsake pine box tied with a ribbon and option to add a note. We will handwrite your sentiment and include it with your gift.

Box Includes;

- Finding Home Farm Pancake & Waffle Mix 
Our Best Selling Mix Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix is perfect for making waffles or pancakes in a quick and easy way. Our smooth and silky Buttermilk Mix is a classic but, don't take this mix for being basic because it is everything but! Finding Home Farms Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle mix is the fastest, easiest, and most delicious way to enjoy breakfast.. or just a sweet treat! Try it paired with our Maple Syrup for best results.

- Finding Home Farm Organic Maple Syrup (8 oz)
As 4th generation maple farmers, they understand and appreciate what it takes to produce pure maple syrup. Their certified organic maple syrup produced in NY is not overly sweet, with almost a buttery and savory profile. Perfect for pancakes, waffles, sweetening tea, and other amazing recipes! From our trees to your table, shop online to enjoy our organic maple syrup.

-Earth Witch Soap from Standing Spruce
Purely handcrafted and balanced this creamy, earthy, and grounding soap is hard with rich lather. Dressed with hand foraged ingredients chosen for the beauty of the forest with blue lichen, the forest healer and oak mosses of the coast. If I could find a soap that described the tranquility of foraging in the forest this would be the one. With it's subtle fragrance of earthy moss, raw soil, and the forest roots found in the notes of vetiver, warm woods and blooming flowers of honeysuckles, and jasmin. This nourishing yet detoxifying soap rich with clays and arrowroot will polish your skin yet gentle and soothing enough for eczema, and reactive skin types.

- West Coast Bath Bomb from Standing Spruce 
Our bath bombs are Hand blended in small batches at our local shop using our own recipes. Formulated with local pacific seaweed, and herbal powders not colourants, we’ve crafted a beautiful light green bomb packed with antioxidants and nourishment for your skin. Refreshing, relaxing, minty. Seaweed is mildly detoxifying, and great circulation support, used for centuries to mineralized the body and protect the skin barrier by easing dry skin.

- Canyon Candle Co. In Juniper and Balsam

- Linen Blend Tea Towel 

- Mitchell's Soup Company dried soup mix 
Good things take time—but we don’t always have the time we’d like to nourish ourselves and our families with healthy, hearty meals. That’s where we step in. Our ingredients are harvested by hard-working Canadian farmers, our recipes are handed down by our matriarchs, and our meals are handmade by our team of artisans in Aylmer, Ontario. With layers of dried beans, legumes and aromatic spices, all hand-tied with twine, we’ve handled half the meal prep for you. Just add fresh, frozen or canned veggies and cook your family a meal just like mom used to make.

- Acacia Wood serving set

- Keepsake wooden box


Option to add a bottle;

French Door Lys (Oliver, BC)

Lys translates to "lily" in French, which is the perfect visual for our fresh and vibrant signature white blend that pairs beautifully with a warm summer day.
Flavour Profile;
Fresh and approachable on the nose with lively notes of pear, underripe pineapple, grass, and lemon zest. There is bright acidity on the palate with balanced flavours of lime juice, margarita, pineapple, green mango, kiwi, and fennel on the finish.
Varietals: 71% Viognier, 21% Riesling, 8% Sémillon Appellation: Black Sage Bench