Seaside Cocktail Box



We can all use a good excuse to celebrate! This modern decadent gift box offers all the items needed to craft the perfect Gin or Vodka cocktail. 

Packaged in a keepsake pine box tied with a ribbon and option to add a note. We will handwrite your sentiment and include it with your gift.

Box Includes;

- Sheringham Seaside Gin (Vancouver Island)
West coast in a bottle. Inspired by the Vancouver Island coast, with its clean surf and appealing fragrance of wild roses, evergreen forests, and ocean air, our flagship spirit has a deliciously complex yet impeccably balanced botanical profile. Made from botanicals such as juniper, rose, lavender, citrus, coriander, cardamom, and—most notably—local, sustainably harvested winged kelp, which gives it a subtle taste of the ocean, Seaside Gin is an elegant choice on its own and a winning ingredient in your favourite cocktail.


- Sheringham Seaside Vodka (Vancouver Island) 
If it’s simple, then it must be fine-tuned for greatness. Vodka is the base of our white spirits, presenting the perfect canvas for creativity. With its clear, notably smooth texture, soft flavors, and clean, warm finish, this vodka both makes an exemplary sipping spirit and an excellent cocktail ingredient. Retaining the sweetness and peppery notes of its base grain, this is vodka at its best.

- Stainless steel Double Cocktail Jigger

- Bacanha Raw Elderflower Syrup (Made in France)
An elixir of the flowers given by the famous shrub. Its strong and pleasant fragrance contrasts with its sweet and juicy flavour. 
Elderflower raw syrup is perfect for application in your cocktail, iced tea, lemonade or lemonade recipes.