The Italiano


Packaged in a keepsake Pine Box tied with a ribbon and option to add a note. We will handwrite your sentiment and include it with your gift.


- Slim Boy Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 220ml

 - Artigiano Coffee Beans
A great blend of coffee is both exciting and reliable. Our House Blend is inspired by this philosophy as we blend our rotation of seasonal fresh crop coffees into a comforting and nostalgic brew that provides the quintessential coffee experience. Sweet and round with a nutty flavour, and notes of milk chocolate and brown sugar, brew it with your favourite brew method, and the House Blend will yield a rich cup to satisfy a range of palates.

  • Medium roast
  • Blend - Colombia / Guatemala (seasonal blend)
  • A toasty flavour with hints of milk chocolate and nuts  
  • Balanced sweetness and acidity
  • Designed to be an easy/all day drinking coffee
  • Versatile - Great for home percolators and manual brewing methods

- Pasta

- Italianavera Puttanesca Pasta Sauce

- Pesto al Basilico


- Makabi & Sons Cookies - Capri
Shortbread butter cookies with bright lemon oil and crunchy poppy seeds. Sinuous lanes lead to cliff-edge villas dripping with bougainvillea. Citrus concoctions make love to poppy fields. Summer’s escape along the coast.

- Spicy Green Olives

- Aglio Olio E Peperoncino Pasta Spices